The association for emancipation, solidarity and equality of women – ESE is a civil organization founded in 1994. We operate on a local, national and regional level covering Central and Southeast Europe in collaboration with our partner organizations.

ESE works upon improvement and implementation of the social and economic rights of the vulnerable groups of citizens by strengthening them, mobilizing them and engaging them in the processes of planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies and services; providing equal access to justice and promoting fiscal transparency of the institutions in the area of social and economic rights.

These three strategic priorities reflect ESE’s beliefs that social and economic rights should be the country’s highest priority and that their implementation should be based on the interests and the needs citizens have, according to the principle of distribution of the maximum available resources, progressive exercise of rights and non-discrimination.


The driving force of the Association of emancipation, solidarity and equality of women – ESE is its commitment to problems’ resolution. By our work of promotion and improvement of the human rights, we actually improve social and economic justice, taking into consideration the fact that human rights are an outstanding useful collection of standards which should be exercised by all people. We are specifically focused on promotion and improvement of health rights and women rights. Therefore, our two main goals refer to: addressing urgent needs citizens have, especially the needs of the vulnerable groups of citizens; and having impact on public policies with respect to achieving sustainable and long-term changes. Our operating encompasses much more than documentation, reports submission and public condemning of events of injustice in the society. We provide legal and paralegal assistance, enabling citizens to exercise their rights and to change their living conditions. Furthermore, we advocate for altering legislation and policies which affect exercising health rights and women rights. Our advocacy operates both on national and international level. More specifically, we prepare and submit ‘shadow reports’ and other types of documents to competent international organs regarding the degree of international treaties on human rights.


ESE association is a civil organization which works on implementation improvement regarding social and economic rights among vulnerable groups of citizens by means of empowerment, mobilization and engagement in planning, creating and evaluation of public policies and services in the Republic of Macedonia.

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Association for emancipation, solidarity and equality of women – ESE

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